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UAEM Arts student earns scholarship money for a 2-week visit to UNT department of ceramics, November 7—18 / view pictures — Laura Aida Reyes is a top undergraduate student at UAEM School of Arts who was awarded with a 2-week academic residency at UNT Ceramics Department. Professor Jerry Austin was kind enough to host Aida and provide her with materials and access to classes and art studio facilities.

During the visit, Aida had the chance to present on her outstanding academic record and art production to students and faculty. Additionally, she created several pieces that have been donated to UNT ceramics studio.

Liaison Office, Provost Wilkins and CAS Director of Communication Rodman attend Art Exhibit at the Mexican Consulate in Dallas, Oct 28, 2008 / view pictures — The liaison office attended an art show titled "Angels" by Master Painter Rafael Cauduro. UNT Provost Wendy Wilkins and her husband Jay Rodman, CAS Director of Communication also attended the event.

We are in constant collaboration with the Mexican Consulate in Dallas, helping each other with common cultural, academic, political and community affairs. In fact, the former Consul General in Dallas, Carlos García de Alba, is a member of the Liaison Office's Advisory Board.

In this occasion we talked to Adolfo Ayuso, consul for cultural events who is interested in potential shows from UAEM and UNT artists.

The event was hosted at the new offices of the Mexican Consulate in Dallas at 1210 River Bend Dr., Dallas, TX 75247 (south of Mockingbird Lane to the east of the Stemmons Freeway).

UAEM Rector and officials visited UNT to talk about new joint projects after 3.5 years of solid results through the UNT-UAEM Liaison Office, Jun 25, 2008 / view pictures — After its first three years of operation, the UNT-UAEM Academic Liaison Office has delivered several projects involving research, students and faculty members from both institutions. A dual Master's Degree in ESL, 14 joint publications in Materials Science, 4 online classes in Geography and Materials Science, faculty-led programs in Arts and Environmental Science and various reciprocal symposia speakers in Psychology, Computer Science, Political Science, Physics and Chemistry are just a few of many solid results of this partnership.

Furthermore, the number of UAEM degree-seeking graduate students at UNT, has increased from 1 to 13. In terms of exchange students (undergraduate and graduate), there have been 6 from UAEM at UNT and 17 UNT exchange students have taken classes at UAEM. UNT and UAEM officials agreed that the partnership must maintain the above numbers growing and also thought about potential new directions in the near future. According to President Bataille and Rector Martinez Vilchis seeking external funds to support research, expanding academic boundaries to include other institutions from both countries and creating new dual degrees, are some of the most transcendent issues to work on.

UNT Track and Field Coach Rick Watkins visits UAEM-hosted NACAC U-23 Championship event, July 18-20, 2008 — UAEM Secretary for Internal Affairs and Athletics, Eduardo Gasca, visited UNT last June and had very productive meetings with Athletics Director Rick Villarreal, Women's Basketball Coach Shanice Stephens and Track and Field Coach Rick Watkins. Watkins visited Toluca this last weekend, to meet with UAEM coaches and administrators and get to know the Olympic-level certified track and field facilities at UAEM, during the U-23 NACAC Championship event hosted by this university. Teams from USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean countries participated in this IAAF official competition. UAEM coaches will be visiting UNT soon to exchange views and be part of a clinic for sprinters and field events. Watkins and Villarreal, along with Gasca, are planning a potential "College Championship" at UAEM where athletes from some of the best American universities would compete in a high altitude venue on a certified Mondo track.

Dr. Burggren (UNT) and Dr. Rodríguez (UAEM) earn grant for Ecophysiology workshop, June 12, 2008 — Warren Burggren and Felipe Rodríguez have been working on joint research in herpetology since September 2006 when Rodríguez visited UNT. In 2008, The Mexican Academy for Science (Academia Mexicana de Ciencias) and the Mexico-USA Foundation for Science (FUMEC) sent out a call for proposals to fund up to 10 visiting professors from the USA that may undertake stays up to 10 days in Mexican Universities. Burggren and Rodriguez applied for the AMC-FUMEC grant and were awarded with funds for a 7-day visit to UAEM, where they will organize a workshop with the "Mexican-American Vertebrate Ecophysiology Group (VEG)". The visit is programmed for September 4th 2008.

UNT-UAEM Master's in ESL joint degree program accredited by Mexican registry, May 13, 2008 — The Mexican Council for Science and Technology, or CONACYT, has accredited the master in teaching English degree at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, or UAEM. The degree is the Mexican half of a joint program in which UNT and UAEM offer a master's degree in teaching English from both universities. Students from UNT and UAEM may enroll at either university to complete the master's program. "Besides being recognized as a good quality new program with a professional orientation, being accredited means that the program is promoted nationally," says Dr. Carlos M. Arriaga Jordán. "Mexican students - and probably other Latin American students - that meet CONACYT requirements will be awarded a grant to undertake their MTE." The program is accredited by Facultad de Lenguas in the Programa Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad, or the National Registry of Good Quality Postgraduate Programmes. In July 2002, UNT and UAEM signed an agreement to collaborate on the academic training of students from both institutions and in research projects in materials science, environmental science, physics and related fields. says Manuel Goel, director of national and international academic cooperation at UAEM. Goel says the collaboration has expanded to include political science, psychology and languages. Posted by: Carolyn Bobo

UNT McNair scholar Rosa Fonseca takes Spring 08 semester as an exchange student at UAEM, April 24, 2008 — Rosa Fonseca was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, in 1984. At age six her family moved to California and then to Texas when she was twelve. She graduated from Haltom High School in 2003, with a rank of 34 out of 490 students, and is currently in her 3rd year at the University of North Texas. She is majoring in Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations, and after taking several courses dealing with human rights issues, she decided that it is the topic that interests her the most. Rosa is working with Dr. Steven Poe on a project that seeks to explain how human rights diffuse. Currently she is taking classes at UAEM Department of Political Science and after graduation in 2008, Rosa plans to attend graduate school and eventually earn her Ph.D.

3 more UNT Linguistics graduate students take practicum hours at UAEM, March 10, 2008 — Students from the Master's in ESL at UNT Linguistics Department, Charles Cullum and Michael Durrance have finished their academic stay at UAEM, helping Professor Kristan Taylor as interns for the in-house ESL preparation program at UAEM Department of Languages. Devon Smith is the new student who arrived in Toluca the first days or March 2008 to undertake ESL intern duties. The three students will receive UNT credit for their practicum hours necessary to complete their degree programs.

President Bataille, Provost Wilkins, Vice provost Gibbons and Dean Burggren along with Liaison Office Director Goël and Assistant Director Guzman visit UAEM for the Rector's 3rd Annual Address, March 4, 2008 / view pictures — In what was President Gretchen Bataille's third visit to UAEM and second annual address attended in less than 2 years as head of UNT, a lot of academic achievements were celebrated and some opportunities were discovered.

Provost Wilkins and Vice provost Gibbons accompanied Dean Burggren and Dr. Bataille to the event this year and along with Liaison Office members, all the elements in academic collaboration were present bringing different perspectives on potential growth for UNT-UAEM joint activities.

The day after the Rector's annual address UNT delegation was invited to a Director's Board meeting held at the top floor of the new administration building where a short presentation on UAEM-UNT Liaison results was given and every department at UAEM had the opportunity to voice themselves and propose future projects with UNT.

UAEM Art students gets funded to visit UNT Department of visual arts to work with Dr. Max Kazemzadeh on an Electronic Media project, February 21 — Mar 7, 2008 / view pictures — Mario Bracamontes is a top undergraduate student at UAEM School of Arts and his outstanding academic record and art production earned him scholarship money for a 2-week visit to UNT Department of Visual Arts.

During his visit, Mario attended "Electronic Media Art" and "Videogame Programming in Maya" classes taught by Dr. Max Kazemzadeh. For the first class students are required to develop an interface project linking hardware and software. Mario had already been planning on connecting a conventional typewriter to a flash application back in Toluca and he adapted it to the class.

After Mario’s two-week academic venture, he achieved significant progress by familiarizing with solenoids and circuits, as well as developing a prototype. In fact, the project was named “Drawing Machine” and is being finished back at UAEM.