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Professor Roden visited UAEM affiliate “Centro Universitario Ixtlahuaca”, December 8, 2007 / Peyton Foster Roden, Regents Professor of Finance in the College of Business Administration at NT, participated in the "Congreso Internacional Sobre Liderazgo En Las Organizaciones para el Desarrollo Sustentable" during December of 2007. Representatives from several universities throughout Latin America and Canada attended the conference,

Hosted by the Centro Universtario de Ixtlahuaca near Toluca, México. Professor Roden gave an address in Spanish to an assembled group of about 1400 students, faculty, and guests to keynote the conference. His address, "La Ética y El Crecimiento Sustentable" was delivered in Spanish and dealt with the need for business men and women to build careers on a foundation of high ethics.

He noted that with a high ethical threshold, individuals will not only sleep well, but also contribute to a high sustainable price of their company’s common stock and to the long-term accumulation of wealth by company shareholder-owners.

Oscar Olea becomes the first UAEM student obtaining a PhD degree from UNT, Oct 22, 2007 / view pictures — Oscar Olea, the first student to ever come from UAEM main campus in Toluca, enrolled as a PhD student in Materials Science at UNT 4 years ago. He has taken part in individual and joint published research papers in prestigious conferences and journals such as “The Journal of Materials Education”.

Notably, in 2006, he traveled to Japan, Poland and Mexico to present on several aspects of: “Tribological studies on polymer composites”. In 2007, Oscar co-wrote a research paper for Materials Letters Journal about morphology of polymer + metal composites (Materials letters. 61 (2007) 1333). A second paper on tribology of polymer composites is already accepted by the Polymer Engineering and Science Journal and will be published soon.

Just today, Oscar successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled: "MICRO AND NANO COMPOSITES OF A POLYMER MATRIX AND A METAL DISPERSE PHASE" and will be graduating from Materials Science in the Engineering Department this coming December. Currently, he is expected to go back to UAEM and work as a full-time professor and researcher at the Department of Chemistry.

UAEM and UNT inaugurated the Dual Master’s Degree in ESL, August 20, 2007 / view pictures — After a series of efforts to unite academic and governmental requirements and formats, UAEM and UNT came up with the formal establishment of an MA program in applied linguistics, specifically in English as a Second Language (ESL). For this two-year program, students from UAEM and UNT will study the first year in Denton and the second year in Toluca. Students will receive degrees from both UNT and UAEM.

Linguistics and Languages faculty and staff, along with other institutional and governmental authorities linked to both universities determined prerequisite requirements, curriculum, admission requirements, and faculty qualifications for teaching graduate courses.

During Sept. 11 ceremony, UNT President Gretchen M. Bataille stated: "We are actively engaged with the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico in Toluca, which opened an office on our campus in 2005. Together, we recently created a dual master's degree program in linguistics and teaching English as a second language that will provide students at both UNT and UAEM the opportunity to study in each country and earn degrees from both universities at the completion of their two-year program."

UAEM Potros coaches interact with UNT athletics department for the second time, April 19-24, 2007 — On April 2007, Potros coaches visited UNT again for the pre-season training and the North Texas clinics, offered by the Mean Green under their new Head Coach Todd Dodge.

UAEM Rector and officials attended president Bataille’s inauguration ceremony, April 13, 2007 / view pictures — Jose Martinez-Vilchis, Rector of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, who now works with President Bataille to support the partnership between UNT and UAEM, was a speaker at her inauguration ceremony. The speech focused on the importance of international relations and more specifically with Mexico and UAEM. Martinez Vilchis pointed out the great advancement UNT and UAEM relationship has had ever since Dr. Bataille entered as UNT President, including her 2 visits to UAEM.

Dr. Carlos Arriaga-Jordan, dressed up in full UAEM regalia, represented Mexican universities at the event. Also, about 600 delegates representing UNT and the UNT System community; universities from across the nation; national learned, professional and honor societies; local, state and national community leaders and elected officials participated in the ceremony.

President Bataille attends UAEM Rector Annual Address March 3, 2007 / view pictures — President Gretchen Bataille visited UAEM for the second time in her initial six months as head of UNT, when she was invited to Rector Martinez Vilchis’s second annual address at UAEM Toluca.

The Governor of the State of Mexico, Dr. Gretchen Bataille and important Mexican education officials were part of the platform.

This was the reaffirmation of a clean and solid relationship between both universities. As a result, the Rector was invited to President Bataille’s official installation ceremony on April 13th 2007.

Fernando Guzman participates with a UNT-UAEM Liaison Office table at the 2007 UNT Study Abroad Fair, February 16, 2007 / view pictures — Students, faculty and staff were invited to learn more about UNT’s opportunities for international study at a study abroad fair between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Feb. 15 in the One O’Clock Lounge in the University Union, hosted by the Study Abroad Center.

UAEM-UNT Liaison Office was present at the fair with a table where students could talk to Fernando Guzman about exchange opportunities at UAEM, located in Toluca, Mexico.

The center celebrated the U.S. Senate’s designation of 2006 as The Year of Study Abroad with the launch of a new campaign, Go Away! 2006: The Year of Study Abroad to promote study abroad opportunities for students. In 2006, the center will offer 30 faculty-led programs and students will be able to attend UNT-sponsored programs in a total of 37 countries. More than 650 students are expected to participate in international study programs this year, up from 512 last year.

Mary Beth Butler, the center’s director said: “We greatly need the help of faculty and staff to let students know that study abroad is an opportunity for them. Many students are not aware of study abroad, or believe that study abroad is not for students in their major, or is too expensive, etc. If UNT's faculty and staff will let the students they meet know that study abroad is available and achievable, many more students can take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to study in other countries, improving their career prospects and expanding their worlds forever.”