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President Bataille, Provost Johnson and Dean Burggren visit UAEM, December 4-6, 2006 / view pictures - UNT President Gretchen Bataille and UAEM Rector Jose Martinez Vilchis, signed the renewal of the General Agreement between both universities and not only were the original fields of joint studies strengthened (Materials Science, Physics and Environmental Science), but also new specific collaboration agreements were attained in 3 different areas: Political Science, Languages and Psychology.

"I am really excited by the programs that are already working and by the opportunities that we have to expand." Said Dr. Bataille.

Rector Martinez Vilchis and Provost Howard Johnson talked about optimizing admission processes for student, researcher and faculty exchanges in both directions, so that UAEM and UNT strengthen academic ties and accelerate the generation of graduates, joint publications, projects and research findings.

UNT delegation visited the Departments of Sciences, Chemistry and Languages. Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs were also part of the tour, as well as the Water Resources Research Center.

Dr. Bataille visited the Advanced Materials Synthesis and Characterization Labs at Rosedal Campus, where research in polymers and composites takes place in stretch collaboration with Dr. Witold Brostow from UNT.

Felipe Rodriguez Romero, Fernando Mendez Sanchez and Warren Burggren spent a day visiting field sites on the slopes of Nevado de Toluca, the prominent volacanic peak located to the South of Toluca. These high altitude sites house abundant wildlife, including the small lizards that this joint UAEM-UNT scientific team will be studying.

Finally, at the Department of Languages, UNT delegation was part of a video conference between UAEM and UNT, regarding the ongoing ESL program set at UAEM and being run by UNT faculty. Through such project, UAEM students are being prepared for taking the English Tests (TOEFL, GRE) required to enter UNT Graduate Programs.

Consul General of Mexico, Enrique Hubbard-Urrea visits UNT-UAEM Liaison Office, October 27, 2006 / view pictures - Consular Hubbard visited UNT to learn more about the university, its programs and its partnerships with Mexico. President Bataille and Hubbard had a meeting at the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences, where they met with CAS Dean Warren Burggren, Associate Dean Jean Schaake, UAEM-UNT Liaison Office Director Manuel Goel, Assistant Director Fernando Guzman and a group of Mexican graduate students coming from UAEM "Talentos" program.

Hubbard was glad to see Mexican nationals on their way to getting a PhD degree in their respective disciplines and expressed his support for the Liaison Office objectives and future endeavors, in terms of US-Mexico academic cooperation. The visit was followed by a reception honoring Hubbard, held by President Bataille at the Golden Eagle Suite, where he talked about relationships between the two neighbor countries and some near future initiatives of the Consulate.

UAEM Potros football coaches visit UNT, June 27, 2006 / view pictures - UAEM football team "Potros" delegation of coaches visited UNT last June to talk to Richard Villarreal, Director of UNT Athletics. Potros are interested in exchanging views on training techniques, game strategies, team culture and health/injury procedures.

Potros Head Coach, Carmelo Apolo Velazquez expressed his interest in attending 2008 UNT Eagles pre-season games and training camps so he can compare the differences between Potros and Eagles. He also invited Mr. Villarreal and Eagles coaches to visit Toluca and probably organize a friendly game between UAEM and UNT.

UNT and UAEM celebrate anniversary, May 18, 2006 / view pictures - The Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico (UAEM) and the University of North Texas Academic Liaison Office are celebrating their first anniversary on May 18. Jose Martinez-Vilchis, rector of UAEM, presented "Education in Mexico and the Effects on U.S. Mexican Collaborations" in the Chemistry Building. The presentation was followed by a reception in the lobby of the General Academic Building, which is located on the southeast corner of Avenue B and West Mulberry Street.

Enrique Orozco gives a speech at the IELI Graduation Ceremony, May 2006 / view pictures - Enrique Orozco, one of our talents from UAEM, got his diploma from the top level of the IELI (Intensive English Language Institute) so he could get into his Master's Program in Counseling at the College of Education. After coursing levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 he ended up among the best students, hence he was asked by Director Eva Bowman to give a talk about his experience at the IELI.

" UAEM students at UNT enjoy breakfast with Denton Mayor, Eulene Brock, January 25, 2006 / view pictures - Mayor Eulene Brock hosts breakfast at Denton City Hall for UNT-UAEM Liaison Office personnel and UAEM students at UNT. Representatives from LULAC, City Hall and the Denton Chamber of Commerce among other institutions, attended the event and talked about the growing series of opportunities and challenges for Mexicans in the Metroplex area and more specifically in Denton County.

At the end of the reunion, a roundtable on the "Present and Future of Denton" was organized, where the students had a chance to express their views and propose ideas for important projects such as transportation.