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 3rd Annual Animal EcoPhysiology Workshop hosted at the University of North Texas, Denton, June 13, 2011 / view pictures — After enjoying the first two annual workshops in Toluca and Valle de Bravo, Mexico, the 3rd Annual Animal EcoPhysiology Workshop was hosted at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. Participants included approximately 50 faculty and students from the University of North Texas, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Mexico, and University of Texas - Arlington. Over thirty-five EcoPhysiology related topics were presented as oral papers and poster presentations. New this year, this workshop also hosted 5 technique presentations exposing the participants to various data collection and analysis techniques relevant to the field. The workshop also included a few field trips for participants including Dinosaur Valley State Park, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and Fort Worth Stockyards. Preliminary planning is already underway for the 4th workshop to be hosted again in Mexico.

The Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication in conjunction with UAEM conducted the 3rd annual LTC/UAEM Summer Institute, July 3 - 18, 2010 The Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication in conjunction with UAEM conducted the 3rd annual LTC/UAEM Summer Institute, July 3 - 18, 2010 / view pictures — 59 students from UAEM and 34 faculty and staff members attended the institute from July 3-18, 2010. Kristan Taylor and Katie Crowder, lecturers in the LTC department designed, directed and coordinated the program with Fernando Guzman and Manuel Goel from UAEM.

Participants lived in campus dorms and attended English classes 6 hours a day (9:00-12:00 and 2:00-5:00). Current MA candidates in the LTC department taught and assisted in the program, utilizing a workshop approach: (students select from a variety of workshops for each afternoon session, e.g. Successful PowerPoints, Blogging for Beginners, World English, Pronunciation through Theater and Drama, Language and Gender, TOEFL Prep, and more).

The theme for this summer's program was Binational Networking and Communication Technology, so students will engage in a blogging contest. The program makes use of an immersion approach to language acquisition: cultural (UNT, Denton, DFW), linguistic, and social immersion. UAEM Affiliates will participate by providing a variety of workshops from their respective departments.

Participants went on field trips to Dallas, Ft. Worth, and surrounding areas of Denton.

UNT coaches offer Sports Psychology and Volleyball clinics at UAEM, May 27-29, 2010 UNT coaches offer Sports Psychology and Volleyball clinics at UAEM, May 27-29, 2010 / view pictures — UAEM coaches, staff and players from disciplines like soccer, basketball, volleyball, judo, karate, baseball, chess, triathlon, track and field, cycling and tennis among others attended the 2-day conference on Sports Psychology and Volleyball.

Dr. Trent Petrie, Director of the Center for Sport Psychology at UNT and Volleyball Head Coach Ken Murzcek talked about the concept of Mental Toughness, Training and Team Philosophy and Goal-Setting, Effective Communication, Practice Techniques and how coaches can help athletes develop all the topics.

Following the conference, there was a 3-hour practice with a women's volleyball team from UAEM, in order to show some of the concepts seen during the presentations.

Partnership with UAEM deepens as UNT Academic Liaison Office opens in Toluca, March 3, 2010 Partnership with UAEM deepens as UNT Academic Liaison Office opens in Toluca, March 3, 2010 / view pictures — The University of North Texas celebrated its ties to the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) when it dedicated the UAEM-UNT Academic Liaison Office in Toluca March 3, 2010.

UAEM Rector Eduardo Gasca Pliego and UNT Chancellor Lee Jackson were the officials offering special statements to inaugurate this new venture in the already solid institutional relationship. UAEM's top officials were all present as well as a delegation from UNT including Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for International Education Earl Gibbons, Assistant Vice Provost for International Cooperation Gabriel Carranza, Dean of Arts and Sciences Warren Burggren and Director of the Academic Liaison Office at UNT Manuel Goel.

The ceremony took place at 4 p.m. in UAEM New Administrative Building, located two blocks away from the Central Rectorship.

Fernando Guzman, former Assistant Director of the Academic Liaison Office at UNT is the present Director of UNT's office at UAEM, currently runs this innovative project in Toluca.

Fernando Guzmán López, M.Sc., M.A.
UNT-UAEM Liaison Office in Mexico
Ph. (722) 226 2300 Ext. 2707
Fax. (722) 226 2328

The Liaison Office visits Oklahoma State University, November 9, 2009 The Liaison Office visits Oklahoma State University, November 9, 2009 / view pictures — Manuel Goel and Fernando Guzman visited the departments of Business, the School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and the School of International Studies at Oklahoma State University (OSU), in order to expand the scope of UAEM-UNT partnership and begin the creation of a solid conglomerate of academic institutions.

UAEM newly appointed Rector visits UNT and signs formal agreements with President Bataille UAEM newly appointed Rector visits UNT and signs formal agreements with President Bataille, September 24-25, 2009 / view pictures — UAEM's newly appointed Rector, Eduardo Gasca Pliego, visited UNT accompanied by Secretary for Research Sergio Franco Maass, Secretary for Academic Affairs, Felipe Gonzalez Solano and Director of Engineering, David De Leon.

President Bataille and Rector Gasca Pliego signed the updated versions of the UNT-UAEM official agreements during UAEM delegation visit to UNT on September 24-25th, 2009. The agreements included a new one where seed fund money will be available for joint research.

During this visit, the main topics under discussion were:
  1. The possible opening of a UNT Liaison Office at UAEM.
  2. Creating a joint "Arts and Culture" website.
  3. Formalizing several coaching clinics offered by UNT Athletics in Toluca.
  4. The collaboration between UAEM Communications Department and UNT's RTVF and the Center for Spanish Language Media.
  5. Many potential research overlap and faculty/student exchange options in the field of Engineering, Chemistry and Environmental Science.

UAEM photography student takes classes at UNT during a 2-week academic stay UAEM photography student takes classes at UNT during a 2-week academic stay, August 31 - September 11, 2009 / view pictures — For the fourth time, UAEM Department of Arts sent a student for a short academic stays at UNT College of Visual Arts. This time, it was the turn for Francisco Azuara to visit with Dornith Doherty from the Photography program at the Department of Studio Art. Francisco stayed for 2 weeks (Aug 31 — Sep 11) and he also sat in on a "Video Editing" class taught by Carol Cornsilk at RTVF Department.

As part of his experience in Texas, Assistant Director Fernando Guzman took Francisco on a tour through Fort Worth, visiting the Modern Art and the Kimbell museums.

UAEM newly appointed Secretary for Research and Advanced Studies visits UNT for the first time UAEM newly appointed Secretary for Research and Advanced Studies visits UNT for the first time, August 25-28, 2009 / view pictures — AEM command recently changed hands after the regular 4-year period finished last may. As a result, the new Rector Eduardo Gasca Pliego appointed Dr. Sergio Franco Maass as the new Secretary for Research and Advanced Studies.

As part of the projects for the new administration, it is of strong interest for UAEM to continue to build up their very successful partnership with UNT.

Dr. Franco and the new UAEM Director for International Cooperation, Maria Esther Morales Fajardo, visited UNT for the first time and had the opportunity to meet with President Bataille, Provost Wilkins, Vice Provost Gibbons, Deans Burggren and Tsatsoulis and Assistant Deans Garcia-Rubio and Schaake.

They also visited the departments of Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Geography, Biological Sciences and SLIS with professors Littler, Jewell, Acre, Acevedo, Hunter, Goven and Oyarce respectively. A tour through UNT Athletics was also offered and conducted by the Director Rick Villarreal.

Some of the new initiatives brought to the table were the signing of the updated versions of all current UNT-UAEM agreements as well as new ones in the Engineering and Athletics departments, the potential opening of a UNT office at UAEM, increased joint research and student mobility efforts in all areas and potential cultural and sports exchanges.

The last day of the visit was dedicated to meet with all the former UAEM students who are enrolled in graduate programs at UNT.

UAEM Biochemistry student picks UNT for a 2-semester exchange after taking an intensive English summer course, August 17, 2009 / view pictures— Biochemistry student Ana Isabel Vallejo from UAEM took the 2-week Intensive English course at the Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication where she sharpened her language proficiency. She also had a campus tour, visited UNT Biology and Chemistry facilities, met a few faculty members and sat in on a Biology class, looking forward to spend an academic year abroad.
Ana had a meeting with the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Warren Burggren, to talk about her future endeavors and she ended up choosing to come to UNT commencing spring 2010.

Liaison Office attends lecture from Mexico's previous President Vicente Fox Quesada at UNT, April 14, 2009 / view pictures — In his lecture "Bringing the New Economy to Latin America", President Fox discussed his businesses-centered approach to the development of Mexico, the future of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the opportunities available for international corporations in the region. A critic of the populist movements sweeping Central and South America, President Fox offered an alternative that should be heard by everyone concerned with the future of the hemisphere.  

Liaison Office Director, Manuel Goël, was present at the lecture as well as at the reception and dinner offered by President Bataille and several UNT officials.

Provost Wilkins, Vice Provost Gibbons, Dean Burggren and Assistant Vice Provost Carranza visit UAEM for the Rector's final Annual Address, March 3 / view pictures — The final annual address was held by Rector Jose Martinez Vilchis at UAEM's main auditorium to sum up the work done throughout his 4-year administration.

UNT-UAEM collaboration was one of the most important international achievements during the current administration with over 200 students, faculty members and researchers involved in joint activities between both institutions.

UNT delegation had the opportunity to talk with UAEM officials about future plans for the partnership and the possibility of opening a UNT Liaison Office at UAEM.

UAEM supports UNT as an amethyst sponsor at the 2009 Emerald Ball, February 28, 2009 / view pictures — On February 28, 2009, the Emerald Ball went wild. Guests enjoyed dinner and dancing to the Sultans of Swing in the Chesapeake Pavilion at the Fort Worth Zoo. More than $400,000 was raised to increase the Emerald Eagle scholarship endowment fund. The Ball marked the third year of support for the Emerald Eagles Scholar program.

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico donated $5,000 by buying a table at the event. John Hernandez and Mike Hyatt, who are members of the Academic Liaison Office Advisory Board, were present at the event again after having sponsored a table at the 2007 edition of the Emerald Ball.

(Pictures and part of the article retrieved from Emerald Ball website)

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga offers 3 lectures at UNT, February 12-14 / view pictures — Screenwriter and director Guillermo Arriaga visited UNT to discuss the filmmaking process and how films can build broader international understanding. He offered 2 lectures and a master's class to talk about the process of developing the written word of a screenplay and transforming it into a film. Also, he covered the topics of cross-cultural communication and the role of film in developing global interaction. Finally, he designed the master's workshop primarily for film industry professionals and aspiring writers with whom he shared his experiences in cinema.

His films include Babel, Amores Perros and The Three Burials of Melquides Estrada. He has received Oscar, Golden Globe and Writers Guild of America award nominations and received awards from the Cannes Film Festival and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Through his latest film, The Burning Plain, Arriaga makes his feature directorial debut. The film stars Oscar winner Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger and newcomer Jennifer Lawrence in a romantic mystery about a woman on the edge who takes an emotional journey to uncover the secret of a past love and meets other characters along the way who are grappling with their own romantic destinies.

Prior to his work in the film industry, Arriaga was a renowned novelist in Mexico for works such as A Sweet Smell of Death and The Night Buffalo. His books have been translated into 18 languages including English, German, Greek, French, Hebrew and Romanian.

For more than 25 years, he has worked as a college professor and directed, produced and written short films, documentaries, television series, and radio and television commercials.

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