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Professor Lenin Martell from UAEM will visit the Mayborn School of Journalism at UNT, July 25- 29, 2009 / view pictures — Professor Lenin Martell from UAEM Department of Political and Social Sciences is collaborating with Mitch Land from the Mayborn School of Journalism at UNT. Dr. Martell participated as guest speaker at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference on July 25 and 26 where he had the opportunity to share experiences and ideology with American and international writers like Ira Glass and Alma Guillermo Prieto.
The three days following the conference, Martell had a short academic stay at UNT Mayborn School of Journalism offering several talks to “News Reporting” students about the challenges and risks Mexican journalists face when covering stories on the US-Mexico border.

Professor Miguel Caballero visits COBA a year after his graduate exchangesemesters at UNT, July 9 – 23, 2009 — UAEM Department of Business sent professor and UNT alumnus Miguel Caballero to meet with COBA professors Warren Watson, Francisco Guzman and Daniel Cernas to explore joint projects between both institutions and also to invite them to the Annual Business and Administration Conference to be held at UAEM in November 2009.

At the same time, Caballero talked to the Liaison Office about working on a new approach to fund students from UAEM College of Business and Accounting so they can take exchange semesters at UNT.

Professor Kristan Taylor brings a UAEM Faculty-led summer program to UNT
July 6 – 25, 2009
/ view pictures — In an effort to expand collaborative programs between UNT and UAEM, the Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication hosted fifteen undergraduate students from UAEM's Department of Languages during the month of July. The three-week program was the first of its kind to offer courses for credit at the Department of Languages in Toluca, Mexico. The group of students, all studying to be teachers or translators, took five hours of academic language courses per day, including a pilot course which incorporated theater and drama with English as a Second Language methodology.  
Instructors Elizabeth Pax and Vanessa Chapman, both MA students in the Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication, said the students came with a solid foundation of English and made visible gains during their 3-week stay.
Program coordinator Kristan Taylor says she hopes attendance will continue to grow each summer and that participants will want to return to UNT to study long-term.
 "These students had been studying English in Mexico for several years, in a region with few opportunities to practice with native English speakers." Taylor said. "This program was a huge confidence – booster. They all realized that their language skills are good enough to live in an all-English environment. It was especially amazing to see them perform one-act plays in English after just three weeks."
Pax, the instructor of the theater course, will complete the academic exchange experience by teaching "English Performance" in Toluca in the Spring of 2009 as part of her MA studies in English as a Second Language.

Great success for the second edition of the Linguistics and Technical Communication Intensive English Summer Institute, Jul 6 - 17, 2009 / view pictures — UNT Linguistics and Technical Communication Department (LTC) conducted their second annual Intensive English program in conjunction with UAEM.  We hosted 17 students and faculty members from Mexico, mostly Toluca and Atlacomulco. Katie Crowder directed the program utilizing an alternative method to language teaching. Rather than running traditional English language classes, a workshop approach was put in place, so students and teachers let their interests guide their study. The instructors were graduate students in the LTC department, specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language.
Participants enjoyed studying cultural differences in body language and then presenting on the topic. Gabe Edgar led everyone in designing newsletters. Students not only wrote about their experiences in Denton but learned to use Microsoft publisher in the computer lab.  Katie Carnahan presented a workshop exploring American culture, confronting stereotypes and media misconceptions. Shannon Jauregui shared her expertise in pronunciation workshops, focusing on stress and intonation. Our workshops culminated with ‘Women in Culture' in which we hosted guest speakers from various countries; students presented about their own country; and instructors shared their experiences with other cultures. Besides, the workshops, there were guest speakers talking about resumes, interview techniques and world English.
"Additionally, because we believe that language acquisition occurs best when the learner is immersed in the language and culture, we went on field trips and outings almost daily.  The goal was for students to not only become acquainted with the culture of UNT's campus but also the greater community of Denton.  Some favorite places were the Pohl Recreation center, the Fry street area, the downtown square, and the Golden Triangle Mall." Said Katie Crowder.
Leticia Quintanar Rebollar, a student in UNT-UAEM dual MA program, chaperoned students in the evenings, allowing them to experience the night life of a typical UNT student.  We also had a field trip to Dallas, exploring the Arts district, the West End (Taste of Dallas), Half-Price Books and Northpark Mall.  The program was a huge success and will be a model for future language programs, at UNT and in Mexico.

UNT Linguistics undergraduate student Caroline Cagle visits Toluca, June 15, 2009 — The first undergraduate has joined the ranks of UNT students participating in programs with the Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication and UAEM's Facultad de Lenguas.

Caroline Cagle arrived in June to join Kristan Taylor in a research project involving rural secondary schools in the State of Mexico. Working with the Secretaría de Education Pública, Caroline and Kristan are traveling to several villages to conduct workshops and kickoff research to examine reading strategies among rural school children.

In addition, Caroline is offering English classes to a group of 20 teachers from rural zones throughout the region.

Professor Mitch Land from the Mayborn Graduate School of Journalism to talk about media ethics and cross-cultural issues in journalism at UAEM, April 25-28, 2009 — UAEM Department of Political and Social Sciences invited professor Land to Toluca, Mexico. Land will make several presentations to faculty and students on the following topics:

Media Ethics and the importance of resolving ethical dilemmas in the media based on a process based on a worldview/philosophical framework. He will be sharing with UAEM faculty, his heuristic model called "the point-of-decision pyramid process", which appears in his edited book, "Contemporary Media Ethics." This model will demonstrate how one might use non-western approaches such as Confucianism and the African Palaver model as alternative philosophies.

He will also share with students how he conducted qualitative research of media in Africa and best practices for conducting such ethnographic methods in cross-cultural settings.

Faculty and administrators at UAEM will learn about what UNT did in Mozambique with the fast-track graduate journalism training program and suggest that future partnerships could involve some exchanges among faculty and students in journalism.

Fernando Guzman and Kristan Taylor participated with a UNT-UAEM Liaison Office table at the 2009 UNT Study Abroad and the Faculty Led program fairs, March 31, 2009 — UAEM-UNT Liaison Office was present with a table where students could talk to Fernando Guzman about exchange opportunities of all sorts at UAEM, and also talk to Kristan Taylor about the Faculty-led program in Linguistics that can be taken in Toluca.

The courses offered through UNT faculty-led programs at UAEM are the following:
  • Undergraduate - LING 4030, Acquisition of English as a Second Language
  • Graduate - LING 5900, Special problems

Professor Katie Crowder conducted a 2-week English for teachers workshop at UAEM, January 7-17, 2009 / view pictures — Katie Crowder traveled to Toluca and Atlacomulco, Mexico from Jan. 7-17, 2009 to conduct eight teacher training workshops. Her students were all English teachers who work with kids, teens and or adults.

The theme for the workshops was integrating all language modes — speaking, listening, reading, and writing. She utilized authentic materials, designing interactive games, and incorporating project-based curriculum. The program culminated with presentations by the teachers, where they applied the lessons, games, and projects they learned throughout the 2-week course. Katie will continue to work with these teachers, helping them to implement the material she introduced in the workshops.

Maria Estela Hernandez, one of the teachers taking the course gave us her impressions:

"I think that the instruction was great! It was interesting, attractive and interactive. I learned a lot about how to teach and lead a group. The instructor explained each topic very well; she helped me a lot, because now I know new games, projects, warm-ups, icebreakers, etc."