Faculty Cooperative Projects

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Professor Roden speaks at UAEM's Annual Management, Marketing and Global Integration Conference, November 12, 2008 / view pictures — Peyton Foster Roden, Regents Professor of Finance in the College of Business Administration at UNT, participated in UAEM's Annual Business Conference focused on business, marketing and global integration.

This is the fifth time Dr. Roden embarks on joint academic projects with UAEM after teaching a class in 2005, taking a 2-week academic residency and teaching a Finance class in 2006 and being a guest speaker at a couple conferences in different UAEM campuses in 2007.

5 Faculty Members from UNT College of Visual Arts and Design visited UAEM Escuela de Artes, Sept. 24, 2008 — Looking to maintain and increase the ongoing academic exchange between the College of Visual Arts and Design at UNT and the Escuela de Artes and Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño at UAEM, faculty members, Associate Dean Bruce Nacke, Department Chairs Kelly Donahue-Wallace and Jerry Austin, and Professors Dornith Doherty and Keith Owens visited the Escuela de Artes and the Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño. Dean Robert Milnes stated "It was a good visit and a chance for a frank exchange of program information and interests".

As a result from the trip, a group of faculty from the Escuela de Artes at UAEM is planning to visit UNT in January 2009.

The faculty group who visited Toluca made several recommendations that should be the basis for the coming visit and future discussions:

It seems to us that the best opportunities for exchanges are for short-term visits by faculty and students in Studio Art at UNT and UAEM, though semester-long opportunities certainly could also take place for individuals who were very conversant in the language of the country they were to visit.
Equally possible would be exchanges of student and faculty artwork, and possibly exhibitions of work.

A group of 26 UAEM students and faculty members sharpens English skills at UNT, July 7-18, 2008 / view pictures — Twenty-six high school and college students from Toluca, Mexico, visited the University of North Texas this month as part of a new program for them to learn English and U.S. culture. The intensive English program ran for 2 weeks (July 7 18). The Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication's Summer Institute is part of UNT's growing partnership with the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.

Katie Crowder, institute director, said the program has flowed beautifully but has experienced the earmarks of a pilot program. "The focus is to not only get these students more familiar with the [English] language and Texas culture, but to build community, culture and camaraderie," she said.

As part of the program, students spent six hours a day in class learning English and participated in interviews and other activities to apply the language. Toward the latter part of each week, they would visit different parts of the city to grasp Denton and Texas culture. UNT graduate students taught the classes and consequently received valuable teaching experience, Crowder said.

Maria de Rosario Martinez-Uribe was the visiting professor who traveled with the group. "This is certainly much more than we expected," she said. "Some of them have never even been out of the country."

As a high school student in the program, Yocelyn Roxel Perez said it could take at least six years to learn English in Mexico. "We probably use English no more than 30 minutes a day, and now we've gone to 17 hours a day using it," she said. Located in Toluca, the Mexican university is one of the country's public universities and offers a high school program, 58 undergraduate programs and 74 graduate degrees.

Fernando Guzman, assistant director of that university's office at UNT, said the new program is becoming popular. "We already have 100 people signed up for next year, and many of the students now are very interested in coming to UNT for graduate school," he said.

Students are split into either intermediate or advanced English classes, and they move forward accordingly. "Many kids don't take English as seriously, and I'm glad I'm doing it because I know it will help me in my future career," Perez said.

Article by: Arlinda Arriaga - Staff Writer for Denton Record-Chronicle.

Dr. Witold Brostow continues to teach full semester courses for UAEM students via satellite, April 28, 2008 / view pictures — In his efforts to support and promote international education, Dr. Witold Brostow will continue to teach Materials Science courses to UAEM students via satellite from UNT Center for Distributed Learning.

After two successful courses in Fall 2006 "Materials Science and Engineering" (MSE) and Fall 2007 "Polymer Science and Engineering" (PSE), Dr. Brostow will offer a distance education class in MSE again Fall 2008.

The class format is in English but questions during the class can be asked also in Spanish. Assignments are acceptable in both languages.