Joint Research

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UAEM-UNT Computer Science PhD student Angel Bravo gets selected to present in Shanghai Conference, July 14, 2009 — UAEM alumni Angel Bravo’s research in Computational Epidemiology Modeling has resulted in an acceptance of his article at an International Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine (ISIBM) conference in Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Intelligent Computing in Shanghai, China.

Angel Bravo-Salgado and his co-authors Dr. Armin R. Mikler and Courtney D. Corley explained that "computational modeling of infectious diseases enable intelligent Public Health decisions to reduce the impact from epidemic outbreaks, either natural or intentional. In this paper, we outline a modeling paradigm, referred to as the Global Stochastic Contact Model (GSCM), which is a hybrid approach combining agent-based modeling and stochastic simulation, utilizing information on regional demographics, geography, disease specific parameters, and social behavioral factors."

UAEM Master's student Mariana Castro visits UNT for a joint research project, June 30 - August 29, 2009 — UAEM Materials Science master's student Mariana Castro, is taking a 2-month research stay at UNT LAPOM to work on polymer containing composites. Her stay is part of an ongoing project between UNT faculty member Witold Brostow and UAEM researchers Enrique Vigueras and Susana Hernandez, who have visited UNT several times in the past.

The purpose of the study is to obtain solid evidence of polypropylene polymeric composites behavior against scratching and heat so they can determine strength and recovery levels in such materials.

2 UAEM professors in Economics visit UNT to continue a joint research project, June 12 - 19, 2009 — Professors Elsa Rosales and Reyna Vergara visited the Department of Economics at UNT for a short joint research academic stay.

Derived from Conacyt-approved agreement between UAEM and UNT, researchers from both institutions have developed a project called "Analysis of remigration of Mexicans to the US and the effects of remittances on microenterprise creation". Dr. David Molina represents UNT in this project and Dr. Alma Rosa Muñoz Jumilla is the professor responsible for UAEM side.

The main purpose of visiting UNT was to share opinions and results obtained throughout the first stages of the project and to discuss about the next step which will be the reciprocal visit from UNT team to Toluca in July 09.

Dr. Oscar Olea visits the Department of Materials Science for a short joint research stay a year after graduating from UNT, June 8 - 12, 2009 / view pictures — UAEM-UNT's first PhD graduate Oscar Olea, continues to collaborate with UNT Laboratory of Advanced Polymers and Optimized Materials (LAPOM) as he just visited UNT to perform some testing for a joint UAEM-UNT project.

The following are Dr. Olea's activities during his stay:

  • Measurement polypropylene and polyethylene tribological properties.
  • Nylon fibers thermal stability estimation with Gamma 3 rays.
  • Scratch-resistance tests of polymeric composites.

Professors Hook and Martinez seek joint research in indigenous cultures, May 15, 2009 — The Liaison Office met with professor Jonathan Hook, Director of International Indigenous and American Indian Initiatives in order to explore possible joint projects between UNT and UAEM on access to education for indigenous communities in the State of Mexico and Texas.

On the other hand, we also met with professor Judith Martinez Tapia, Chair of UAEM Department of Academic Support for Indigenous Students whose objective is to improve academic quality, rescue and defend cultural diversity and foster and strengthen tolerance and solidarity values across the university.

The Indigenous Academic Initiatives cooperation between UNT and UAEM is expected to begin September 2009.

UAEM-UNT Computer Science PhD student Jorge Reyes talks to newspaper about his involvement in Swine Flu research, April 14, 2009 — As fears of swine flu spread across the world, two University of North Texas graduate students have been using the recent outbreak's effect on society to further their studies.

Courtney Corley and Jorge Reyes have been tracking the spread of swine flu by finding mentions of flu and swine flu on English- and Spanish-language online social media, such as blogs, that are dated since October, when the infection began. Corley said one goal is to create a surveillance system that could possibly help detect patterns that may lead to future outbreaks.

Jorge is pursuing a doctoral degree in computer science and engineering while working at UNT's Center for Computational Epidemiology, which develops tools to accurately predict the dynamics of infectious outbreaks.

Professors Roden and Lizola publish a joint research article in the Journal of Applied Business Research, March 2009 — Peyton Foster Roden, regents professor of COBA, and UAEM business professor Pedro Lizola-Margolis published a joint article in The Journal of Applied Business Research March/April edition, Volume 25, Number 2. UAEM professor Laura Leticia Laurent Martinez contributed to the publication as well.

The journal is published by The Clute Institute For Academic Research and the title of the article is "Applying The Learning Curve To Operating Cash Flows In A Capital-Budgeting Framework."