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UNT students travel to Toluca with Dr. Warren Burggren for a joint Ecophysiology workshop, Jun 12, 2008 / view pictures — Taking advantage of a recently obtained AMC-FUMEC grant, Dr. Warren Burggren and 9 students from UNT visited Dr. Felipe Rodríguez at UAEM for the 1st Mexican-American Vertebrate Ecophysiology Group (VEG) workshop.

Burggren and Rodríguez are already working on a project involving the Ecophysiology of Lizards in "Nevado de Toluca" Volcano. They will apply for funds through the next NSF-CONACYT call for proposals.

The visit served two purposes:
  1. Initiating UAEM-UNT vertebrates Ecophysiology studies with students and researchers from both institutions.
  2. Strengthening joint collaboration between UAEM Vertebrate Ecology, Evolution and Conservation taskforce and UNT Department of Biology.

The workshop included several presentations from experts, field trips and on-site research on vertebrates. After gathering data and having several meetings, both teams discovered great potential in future mutual visits, exchange and continuous joint research on ecophysiology. Therefore, there will be another workshop on 2009 and this time it will take place in Denton.

Professor Kenneth Sewell visits UAEM Department of Psychology and gives a presentation on Grief Therapy, May 22, 2008 / view pictures — Dr. Kenneth Sewell, Associate Vice President for Research and Director of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, visited UAEM back in February 22, 2006 to start developing a joint project about domestic abuse with Dr. Margarita Gurrola and other faculty members from the Department of Psychology.

This time, besides meeting with Psychology professors, Dr. Sewell was invited to hold a conference named: "Extreme Traumas and Traumatic Loss: Lessons for Trauma and Grief Therapists".

"Extreme traumas (such as torture) and extreme traumatic losses (such as witnessing the murder of a parent) are thankfully rare in United States culture. Some literature does exist regarding the types of psychological reactions that are potentiated by such experiences, and on the ways with persons can learn to cope with extreme traumas and traumatic losses" said Sewell.

The objective of the conference was to provide an overview of these experiences, reactions, and coping strategies, and then draw inferences to apply this knowledge to traumas and losses of lesser extremity. Thus, therapeutic implications are derived to guide therapists working with traumas and/or losses across the extremity spectrum.

Economics professors enter the 2nd stage of Microenterprises Pilot Study with UAEM, May 11-18, 2008 / view pictures — The second stage of the Pilot Study of Mexican Micro Enterprises, involved hiring 5 students from UAEM Department of Accounting and Business and another 5 from UAEM Department of Economics chosen by a committee formed by Dr. Elsa Mireya Rosales Estrada, Dr. Alma Muñoz and UNT professors. Three members of each group will be surveyors and the other two will work as interns.

There was a one-day orientation and training for survey application at the Accounting and Business Graduate Building Auditorium. The surveys were applied all-week long and results were evaluated at the end of the week.

Professor Barney Venables visits UAEM Department of Chemistry, March 30 - April 2, 2008 / Barney Venables, Associate Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences spent one week working with Thelma Pavon and other colleagues at UAEM Department of Chemistry.

They are conducting a project on the Rio Lerma which involves looking at antimicrobial compounds as indicators of urban "down-the-drain" contaminants in the river.

Dr. Venables has been to UAEM on two previous occasions for similar interaction and Thelma Pavon will be visiting UNT later this summer.

Economics professors David Molina, Michael McPherson and Todd Jewell embark on a joint study between DFW and Toluca through UAEM Departments of Business and Economics, March 27-30, 2008 / As part of the 2007-2008 UNT Hispanic and Global Studies Initiatives Fund professors Jewell, McPherson, and Molina visited UAEM in Toluca between March 27 and March 30, 2008 to seek a joint research project named: "A Pilot Study of Mexican Micro Enterprises: Extension to Central Mexico". This pilot survey is the second they have attempted in Mexico. The first one was taken in Saltillo, Coahuila last year. UNT delegation encountered minor problems with the first survey, and the UAEM pilot survey is designed to test the changes made to the previous survey instrument. After this second pilot survey, Economics professors intend to apply for outside funding for a large survey, to be administered in 3 or 4 Mexican states. The trip to UAEM had three principal purposes: First, professors met with several UAEM faculty members (Elsa Rosales Estrada and Julio Álvarez Botello of the School of Accounting and Administration; Alma Muñoz Jumilla, Rafael Juárez Toledo, and Lidia Carvajal Gutierrez of the School of Economics) in order to coordinate the logistics for the forthcoming pilot survey. Second, they interviewed 28 potential enumerators for the pilot survey. All of those interviewed were UAEM graduate students in either economics or administration. From this group they have selected six enumerators, with four others chosen as alternates. The third task for this trip was to select survey areas in Toluca and in small communities outside the city. They visited several suitable areas and are currently in the process of deciding on the exact locations for the pilot survey.

UAEM Health Science and Odonthology Departments send representatives to visit UNTHSC in Fort Worth, March 10-13, 2008 / view pictures — Health Science and Dentistry Coordinator Rosalia Contreras and Nutrition Phd program Coordinator Roxana Valdes visited UNTHSC facilities in Fort Worth looking to begin academic cooperation in the field of health.

Dr. Thomas Yorio, Dean of the Graduate School and Executive Vice-president for research at UNTHSC received UAEM representatives and talked about a potential agreement to start developing joint research and student and faculty exchange within 2008.

Associate professor Shande Chen offered the possibility of reaching UAEM students by teaching Biostatistics via videoconference.

UAEM representatives also had the opportunity of talking to Dean Warren Burggren about a potential joint venture between Environmental Science and Health Science.