Joint Research

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Professor Roden presents a research paper on Capital Budgeting at an International Congress for Accounting Educators in Mexico City, October 10, 2007 / Peyton Foster Roden, Regents Professor of Finance at NT, and Pedro Lizola Margolis Profesor en la Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, presented a paper at the X International Congress on Innovations in Teaching Accounting and Business International Research Conference for Accounting Educators.

The conference was in Mexico City in October of 2007. Their paper, entitled Applying the Learning Curve to Operating Cash Flows In Capital Budgeting, surveyed the literature of the learning curve (la curva de aprendizaje) and developed a method for applying the curve to the estimation of operating cash flows of a proposed capital project.

The research for the paper began when Professor Roden was a visiting scholar at UAEM during October of 2006.

Dr. Miguel Mayorga from UAEM develops strong research ties with UNT Department of Physics, April 24, 2007 / view pictures — On April 2007, Dr. Miguel Mayorga visited UNT for the fourth time and is currently working on an NSF proposal with UNT Physics Department.

He participated in Spring 2005 colloquia presenting his work on: "Phoretic Phenomena, Freezing and Glassy-structure Precursors in Colloids with Tunable Interactions". The main topic was that control of thermal diffusion effects in colloidal dispersions can be accomplished upon tuning interactions between particles.

He also participated in the Physics Colloquium held on April 2007, with a presentation named: “Effects of tuning interactions in colloids”, where he shows the existence of precursors of crystalline and amorphous phases prior to the appearance of freezing and glass transitions in colloidal systems.

UAEM and UNT Materials Science departments continue with successful joint research after numerous visits between both universities in 3 years, February 19-26, 2007 / view pictures — After being allotted 19,000 USD by Mexican institution “PROMEP”, UAEM Materials Science Academic Body began joint research projects with the Laboratory of Advanced Polymers and Optimized Materials (LAPOM) at UNT.

It all started with Dr. Dorota Pietkiewicz, who visited UAEM Chemistry Department in January 2004, to prepare some composites that were to be evaluated at LAPOM-UNT.

One month later, 3 researchers from UAEM (Dr. Susana Hernandez, Dr. Gonzalo Martinez and Dr. Francisco Sanchez) came to UNT for training courses in the following equipment: GnomixTM (PVT), Swiss Micro-Scratch Tester, DSC-7 and the Banbury mixer.

Later on in July 2004, Dr. Bryan Bilyeu taught the following two 25-hour courses at UAEM: “Fundaments of Thermal Analysis” and “Thermal Analysis and Applications”.

In 2005, Dr. Susana Hernández López and Dr. Enrique Vigueras Santiago visited UNT for the second time and were trained on the Q-TESTTM/5 Equipment, which provides information on mechanical properties of polymeric materials. Vigueras and Hernandez came back to UNT on February 2006, this time with Dr. Gonzalo Martinez Barrera. The main objectives of the visit were the following: to complete studies in carbon composites, to measure scratch resistance of polymeric composites of Butyl Methacrylate and finally to evaluate the dynamic recovery of polymeric materials and composites.

On March 15 2006, doctoral student Haley E. Hagg Lobland visited UAEM to give a presentation on the evaluation of dielectric constant in polymeric mixes. The seminar title was: “Basics of Tribology with an Emphasis on Polymers”.

Finally, Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Vigueras visited LAPOM again September 2007 to study tribological properties of two different kinds of polymeric materials:
  • Oriented Materials
  • Composed Materials with Carbon and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles.