Joint Research

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UAEM researchers visit UNT to talk about Urban Planning joint projects, December 5-7, 2006 / view pictures — UAEM researchers, Alberto Alvarez-Vallejo and Jesus De Hoyos-Martinez visited UNT to explore potential joint research projects, journal publications/editing (both ways) and student/faculty/researchers two-way exchanges.

So far, there was a significant degree of overlap in some specific research topics (waste management, construction management and competitiveness-oriented urban planning, to name a few). Also, 1 or 2 semester student exchanges have been forecasted as well as faculty participation in colloquiums and seminars.

Finally, there is a common interest in publishing articles from graduate students, faculty and/or researchers in each other journals/magazines.

Herpetologist, Felipe Rodriguez from UAEM, visits UNT seeking a joint research project with the Department of Biological Sciences, September 18 - 22, 2006 / view pictures — Dr. Felipe Rodriguez is a herpetologist from UAEM working in the biology of lizards field. During Dr. Warren Burggren’s one of many visits to UAEM last March, Dr. Rodriguez commented on his findings between the incubation of a species of lizard eggs at high and lower altitudes. They talked about joint research possibilities on such project and Felipe ended up visiting UNT for a week on September, on his way back from Oklahoma State University, where he had been working on a project for four weeks.

At UNT Department of Biological Sciences, Felipe met with several faculty members and discussed areas of collaboration. He had a presentation on his findings at the GAB 210 conference room, where he met some graduate students and other faculty members. Him and Dr. Burggren worked on an NSF proposal while he was visiting and talked about some other promising projects for the near future.

James Meernik and a delegation from UNT Political Science Department visit their counterparts at UAEM, Sep 18 - 20, 2006 / view pictures — UAEM Director for the Department of Political Science, Guillermina Diaz Perez, gladly hosted UNT delegation consisting of Professors James Meernik, David Mason, John Booth and Steven Forde.

After meeting with Director Diaz Perez and several Political Science faculty members at UAEM, there the following projects came about:

1) Joint research efforts in the fields of Conflict Resolution and Democracy in Mexico.
2) Two UNT faculty members will teach classes in Toluca during the Maymester (with simultaneous translation) and students will be credited towards their Master’s in Political Science degree at UAEM.
3) Director Diaz Perez and other faculty members from UAEM will be presenting at UNT Political Science Conference in April 2007.
4) Dr. John Booth will be a guest author, publishing in one of UAEM’s journals.
5) The first Political Science Agreement between UNT and UAEM was signed.

UAEM Edaphologist Salvador Adame takes a 1-year postdoctoral stay at UNT, August, 2006 / view pictures — After one year of remote joint research collaborations with Miguel Acevedo and Bruce Hunter from UNT Department of Geography, Dr. Salvador Adame was sent by UAEM to accelerate the pace of the already ongoing project and also to exchange teaching views in both universities’ systems, so that UAEM can strengthen its Environmental Science undergraduate and graduate academic programs and UNT can get a feel of teaching methods and resources on the same field in Mexico.

The project consists of:

a) Developing research on Rio Tenancingo Basin.
b) Observing and analyzing UNT Environmental Science courses as to develop an adaptation/update process for UAEM Environmental Science programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.