About Us


After a nine-year-old academic, faculty-to-faculty, research-based relationship, UNT and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) jointly developed an innovative internationalization idea: an Academic Liaison Office, whose grassroots would be the foundation for greater communication and development between both institutions.

The Liaison Office encourages student and faculty mobility and exchange between UAEM and UNT, but also with other universities; In addition, the Liaison Office promotes internationalization for research and advanced studies by developing joint projects and also negotiates research proposals for funding support, thereby fostering both universities' knowledge and research capabilities.


As both UNT and UAEM face important challenges and relationships imposed by the world scenario of higher education, we join in the search for new ways of immersing in it. These endeavors have opened the doors to high quality relationships such as the one held by our institutions, a partnership that carries with it an academic vision of the future.

An Academic Liaison Office gives UAEM and UNT, presence in one another's campus and other institutions, as a promoting and receiving entity of educational services for the academic community and propelling student mobility, academic cooperation and Development and Community Outreach.

About UAEM

Located in Toluca and being one of the largest public universities in Mexico, UAEM has been educating professionals in all disciplines for 177 years, offering a high school program, 58 undergraduate and 74 graduate degree programs.

Total enrollment reaches 49,000 students with more than 4,600 faculty members. Apart from the Central Library, there are individual ones for each academic building and the total bibliographic collection amounts to 538,000 volumes. Regarding computers, UAEM owns approximately 8,000 units with Internet access available to faculty and students.

The main areas of strength for research and graduate studies at UAEM are: Water Science, Agricultural Science, Physics, Health Science, Materials Sciences, Humanities, Environmental Sciences and Social Sciences.


To increase and develop UAEM and UNT's potential with regards to joint research, exchange, mobility and Development and Community Outreach, facilitating the application of our academic services to the community and participating in the production of knowledge.


An Academic Liaison Office which gives UAEM and UNT, presence in one another's campus and other institutions, as a promoting and receiving entity of educational services for the academic community and propelling student mobility, academic cooperation and Development and Community Outreach.

General Objective

To develop stronger academic ties between our institutions and communities, in order to strengthen those programs that generate real offers for the exchange activities and cultural and academic cooperation, as well of opportunities for education among the Mexican communities of North Texas. General Objective

Specific Objectives

  • To develop and practice a specific plan to increase the real number of undergraduate students in both institutions in order to develop their international capabilities and prepare them for graduate studies programs and research.
  • To develop an advertising campaign at UAEM to increase the number of their graduate students at UNT, thus paving the way for a greater number of research collaboration programs.
  • To implement a campaign at UNT in order to encourage students and faculty alike to travel to UAEM and participate in exchange, mobility and short stay programs.
  • To implement Student Mobility Programs with accreditation for undergraduate and graduate studies, to provide and complement integral and quality education.
  • To promote joint research based ventures and increase communication and joint academic work together with UNT-Denton and with other universities in Texas and the United States by better understanding differences in culture, values and work styles.
  • To take advantage and participate in existing programs for the learning of the English Language at UAEM and the Spanish Language at UNT, facilitating then a greater exchange and mobility.
  • To implement Distance Education courses and/or conferences between UAEM and UNT by identifying those areas of common interest and benefit for the institutions and their communities.
  • To identify, analyze and compete for funds and grants available to the academic community by and specifically to our joint interests, and seeking possible partner institutions and programs to form stronger alliances.
  • As a new member of the North Texas community, be active in social and academic organizations and interest groups not only to find and secure funds destined to facilitate our academic endeavors but to strive in the joint effort to help the Mexican community in North Texas.
  • To look for sponsors, scholarships, and institutional, governmental and non-governmental financing from both, the United States and Mexico in order to benefit of our academic communities endeavors and broaden access from the Mexican community to Education at UNT and/or UAEM.